The AGM season is starting

By January 22, 2019No Comments

This years’ general meeting season is beginning in the weeks to follow! At HWF we have many years of experience in assisting public as well as private companies in their preparations for one of the most important happenings of the year; the annual general meeting (AGM). We monitor regulatory news and trends in the market and assist in the planning of the annual general meeting. With your needs as a starting point, we can assist with all the preparatory work for the annual general meeting or with certain parts of it. We assist in preparing the documentation for the annual general meeting – everything from checklists to notices and proposals for resolutions – and advise in all matters concerning the annual general meeting. We also advise in other matters in connection with general meetings, such as resolutions on, and implementation of, incentive programs. Further, we are regularly asked to act as chairman or secretary at the general meeting.